My name is Dustin Webb. As of this month I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Utah focusing on the application of machine learning to robotics. As any grad student knows, or is on the brink of learning, graduate school entails a great deal of writing. I'm starting this blog to refine my own writing skills.

As they are my writing skills aren't bad. However there are some issues I would like to work on. For example if I don't feel completely comfortable with the topic on which I'm writing I get stuck very easily. Unfortunately this has a tendency to lead to procrastination. Similarly when I encounter a question for which I don't have an answer I feel the compulsion to find the answer before proceeding.

My objectives for accomplishing this goal are as follows.
  • Write daily - by writing everyday I expect writing will become second nature. Of course not every entry will be posted publicly. Ideally those that are will actually be interesting and I don't expect that everything I write will fall into this category.
  • Write quickly - by limiting myself to 30 minutes I hope to learn to organize my thoughts more quickly. This will be most challenging when I don't have a specific topic to discuss or when I'm exploring a new topic.
  • Ask questions - by focusing on the questions and not the answers I hope to become increasingly comfortable with not having the answer. Feel free to answer these questions or submit any you feel I may have missed.
I will likely spend most of my time discussing topics related to machine learning, robotics, or some combination thereof. Don't be surprised if I slip from these topics from time to time though.



  1. Cool.. Eagerly waiting for your next blog.. :)

  2. Okay, so I can't really figure out what to say, but I want to comment, so I hereby comment general support to you in your blogging endeavors :) And I like your goals.

  3. I'll try not to let you down Rikhu. ;)

    Thanks for the support Rachel!

  4. I have not forgotten... well, only twice this week. I just haven't published my other writings publicly. At this point I'm thinking I will shoot for one public post per week unless I have something of particular interest to right about. Thanks for the prod though.