Reflections of ICRA 2012 and ROScon 2012 -- Part II

"I don't want it. I just need it. To feel, to breathe, to know I'm alive." --Tool, Stinkfist

In this post I'm continuing to reflect on my experiences at at ICRA 2012 and ROScon 2012. Hence the name. If you have not read the previous post you may wish to do so as it will provide some context.

In the last post I mentioned my surprise by the number of ideas spawned by the numerous talks I saw and the conversations I had. While I can observe that I found the conferences very inspirational that doesn't do it justice. Truth be told I came back with a bit of research fever.

To manage my thoughts at the conferences I found it helpful, even necessary, to keep my notebook on hand. The initial intent was to keep track of questions that arose, of which there were plenty. But I ended up keep track of a number of other things.

For example I ended up making a "todo" list with many of the items being of the ilk "learn more about ..." and "what is ...?" The remaining items were related to projects I need to finish. Player/ROS drivers I have started but not submitted for example. Suffice it to say it's going to take some time to make it through this list.

I also started a list of new research ideas. This list wasn't as long as the other lists and obviously these ideas weren't all great. My thought was that in writing them down I could review them later and gauge them with a clearer head. Looking back at them most are just okay. However I like the idea of this list and plan to keep a copy readily available from now on. This blog was supposed to be in part a way for me to clarify my ideas but it doesn't make a good repository of random thoughts.

At this point I feel like I'm rambling and my mind keeps wandering back to a proof that I have been working on so I'm going to sign off for now.

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